Liscio Japanese Thermal Straight Perm*

Introducing a new, improved, worry-free thermal reconditioning system designed to straighten an even wider variety of hair textures!

*Certified from Liscio Company since 2005.

The price of your Liscio Straight Perm depends on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair. The amount of time needed to perform the perm is determined by these factors.

Women: $60-65
Men: $40
Kids (Age 10 and under): $35

Japanese Thermal Straight Perm: $110/hr
*Extra $40 for additional bag of perm solution.

Wave Perm:
-Short: $100
-Medium: $110
-Long: $150 and up 

Women (Full): $120 and up
Women (Partial): $95 and up
Women (Full Color + Highlights): $140 and up

Retouch Roots: $70-80
Full Color: $85-95
Roots + Highlights: $130 and up

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